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2013-04-24 - More Flash / AS3

2013-02-28 - The Cult Of Done Manifesto






2008-11-24 - Bloom released

2008-11-06 - More Whiskey Sessions madness...

2008-10-29 - "Almost snowing in Oslo" or "I met the wizard"

2008-10-17 - Meeting with Trygve Reenskaug

2008-10-16 - Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Haket gig!

2008-09-25 - GameMaker in Arvika / working on a new hUb

2008-08-28 - new music gear

2008-08-01 - quaternion madness...

2008-08-01 - johno and hObbE in Emil-O-Rama

2008-07-27 - IMGUI test

Check out the software section to get the source for an IMGUI test that I did a while back. I wanted to see if some classic Retained Mode gui concepts were at all possible in Immediate Mode. Looks like they were!

2008-07-27 - preparing multiplayer/networking course

I'm currently preparing material for a course on multiplayer and network programming which I will be holding during August at GameMaker in Arvika. I'm looking forward to what I think will be a great course!

I will be basing the course on lots of my own experience at Massive Entertainment, as well as my more recent thoughts on MVCE. As a reference, I will be showing off the current state of Bangu Bangu Sosaru, a little capture-the-flag multiplayer game I have been developing.

2008-07-26 - recent software development

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