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2013-04-24 - More Flash / AS3

2013-02-28 - The Cult Of Done Manifesto






2008-11-24 - Bloom released

After about a year of sporadic work, Bloom was finally released yesterday. Bloom is a colourful platform game for the PC, in which you play a bouncy character who is out picking flowers in an expansive gameworld filled with hazards and secrets. Can you find the exit?

For some of you it may be obvious that Bloom is heavily inspired by the games created by Nifflas; indeed this is very true. Knytt in particular is a favorite of mine. Be sure to check out Nifflas' stuff, he is very talented!

Bloom is intended to be episodic in nature, and I fully expect to release further adventures in the future. Mad has been a great help in the development of Bloom, acting as background artist, colour police, as well as composing the majority of the music. Be sure to check out her colourful site over at www.colourmad.com. Also, big thanks go to Mats for insisting that auto-jump is a good thing... :)

2008-11-06 - More Whiskey Sessions madness...

2008-10-29 - "Almost snowing in Oslo" or "I met the wizard"

2008-10-17 - Meeting with Trygve Reenskaug

2008-10-16 - Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Haket gig!

2008-09-25 - GameMaker in Arvika / working on a new hUb

2008-08-28 - new music gear

2008-08-01 - quaternion madness...

2008-08-01 - johno and hObbE in Emil-O-Rama

2008-07-27 - IMGUI test

2008-07-27 - preparing multiplayer/networking course

2008-07-26 - recent software development

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