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2013-04-24 - More Flash / AS3

2013-02-28 - The Cult Of Done Manifesto





2009-11-16 - Brixx - MVC reference game

2009-11-12 - Live videos added

2009-11-12 - UP stuff back online

2009-10-28 - Another Bloom review

2009-09-24 - The Swörd slices onward!

2009-09-13 - Fixes...

2009-08-09 - Bärs É Livet on Spotify and iTunes

2009-08-06 - Game Development article on GamaSutra

2009-07-15 - New game on hUb - Sentry

2009-07-14 - Bloom review

2009-07-04 - DirtMoto Racing

2009-06-29 - More SoPCON 1 info

2009-06-16 - SoPCON 1

2009-06-14 - Bärs é Livet!

2009-05-21 - Spell of Play Studios featured on Rad On The Web

2009-05-20 - Services section added

2009-05-19 - Resolution Interactive AB

2009-04-28 - Commercial version of Bloom released

2009-03-27 - Commercial version of UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps released

2009-03-25 - johno and Per Stenbeck live at Jazzå, Gothenburg

2009-03-20 - slowly but surely the hUb gains traction!

2009-03-06 - new music player

2009-02-20 - new songs Boom and Daddy online

2009-02-18 - johno signs publishing deal with Spell of Play Studios

2009-02-07 - An observation...

Within the games industry, it has sometimes been my experience that the practice of designing and implementing frameworks for reuse and / or generic toolsets is really a symptom of something else in disguise, namely that you don't know what it is you're trying to create. This means you don't really know the requirements / design constraints of the application you are trying to build. So you put it off and build a generic application that can be flexible down the road. Check out my earlier thoughts along these lines in a ranty potential section of my book.

This is actually worse than just sitting around doing nothing, because oftentimes the generic codebase that you build (that is "future-proof") just gets in the way once you get your game design together (isn't really "future-proof" at all), and every single game design decision that you didn't anticipate frustrates you as it feels like it "breaks" your beautiful system. God knows I've done this myself; I think that Ground Control II was the project on which I finally just let go of trying to anticipate which way the system would go, and amazingly things just got better with that "slacker" mindset.

Ironically, right now I'm running the risk of doing it again, namely with my test project The Swörd. I've recently got to the point where I had all of the features that I knew I wanted, and thus sort of ran into the inevitable wall of "what is all this stuff for?". Thankfully, I think that I'm getting better at figuring out where that wall is, and so as long as I don't have an application in mind, I'm not going to develop that stuff any further.

With that said, I will end this entry on a somewhat mysterious note...

2009-01-27 - The Swörd

2009-01-12 - recent development


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