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2013-04-24 - More Flash / AS3

2013-02-28 - The Cult Of Done Manifesto





2009-11-16 - Brixx - MVC reference game

2009-11-12 - Live videos added

2009-11-12 - UP stuff back online

2009-10-28 - Another Bloom review

2009-09-24 - The Swörd slices onward!

2009-09-13 - Fixes...

2009-08-09 - Bärs É Livet on Spotify and iTunes

2009-08-06 - Game Development article on GamaSutra

2009-07-15 - New game on hUb - Sentry

During Spell of Play's recent conference SoPCON 1 I managed to release my new game Sentry on hUb.

Sentry is an action/puzzle game where you try to navigate labyrinths filled with nasty aliens. The twist is that you don't have any weapons of your own, rather you have a number of sentry guns that you can move around to try to clear a path through the alien hordes. However, ammo is limited...

This is probably the least finished game I have ever released; my other games on hUb have been more or less complete by the time I got around to releasing them. In the case of Sentry I hope to get more into the collaborative / iterative development model that Spell of Play really stands for.

The basic idea revolves around the idea of making puzzles for you and your friends to play. The puzzle-editor is built right into the game and is accessible who has a Spell of Play account (registration is free).

The next thing that will be added is online high-score capabilities so you can compete against your friends. As usual, any and all comments and suggestions are welcome in the Sentry forums.

I hope you enjoy Sentry!

2009-07-14 - Bloom review

2009-07-04 - DirtMoto Racing

2009-06-29 - More SoPCON 1 info

2009-06-16 - SoPCON 1

2009-06-14 - Bärs é Livet!

2009-05-21 - Spell of Play Studios featured on Rad On The Web

2009-05-20 - Services section added

2009-05-19 - Resolution Interactive AB

2009-04-28 - Commercial version of Bloom released

2009-03-27 - Commercial version of UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps released

2009-03-25 - johno and Per Stenbeck live at Jazzå, Gothenburg

2009-03-20 - slowly but surely the hUb gains traction!

2009-03-06 - new music player

2009-02-20 - new songs Boom and Daddy online

2009-02-18 - johno signs publishing deal with Spell of Play Studios

2009-02-07 - An observation...

2009-01-27 - The Swörd

2009-01-12 - recent development


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