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2013-04-24 - More Flash / AS3

2013-02-28 - The Cult Of Done Manifesto




2010-08-29 - UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite now in beta testing

2010-08-09 - Sneak Peek online

2010-07-15 - more orhanproject.com remixes

2010-07-13 - when will project XYZ be finished?

2010-06-17 - More Swördage

I've updated my little section about The Swörd with a new entry concerning development since last september.

2010-06-17 - the oldness...

On the 21st I'll be thirty-five. I honestly don't feel that 'old'.

This time around I'm throwing a rather large-ish party for people from all over the country and from different episodes in my life, hosted by my all to kind mother Barbro and her dude Jan-Olof at Kolhättans Ekogård on the 19th. They thought that this would be the perfect excuse to renovate their old barn for party-purposes, and we (mostly they) have been working on that off and on all spring.

I've got Per Stenbeck Band coming to supply their special kind of vibe, and fully expect there to be any number of spontaneous jams going on.

On the software related side of things I've actually written a bunch of software to help me organize this event. prio was used to help me figure out who to invite (as I logistically couldn't invite everyone I wanted to), and I wrote another suite of .php scripts to track invites and responses for the party page.

Some people laugh and roll their eyes when I tell them that I've actually used (and written) software tools for this, but I honestly think that it helped a lot. Computers don't tend to forget things as easily as I do, and they count much more reliably too.

I've also written a C++ program to help me with cross-referencing people in the little personal descriptions that Mad and I will be supplying for the guests at our parties. Again really the easiest way to make sure that everything is correct; just let the compiler do it!

2010-06-07 - indie game development

2010-05-03 - Tinytones - Carousel

2010-03-25 - prio evolves

2010-02-23 - Orhan Project Remixes

2010-01-12 - 2010 Resolutions



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