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2013-04-24 - More Flash / AS3

2013-02-28 - The Cult Of Done Manifesto



2011-12-30 - more Sandblox

2011-11-26 - Sandblox

2011-08-26 - 256 == 16

2011-08-25 - vidiot

2011-08-17 - UfoPilot : The Phadt Menace - Special edition released on BeamDog

2011-07-01 - UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite updates online

2011-06-03 - UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite 75% off this weekend only!

2011-05-12 - Recent software endeavours

I've been doing quite a few different things since UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite was released; overhauling some legacy games, working on the ubiquitous MineCraft-clone / derivative, and trying to figure out what a good next game project would be.

For the longest time I've been wanting to try my hand at truly three dimensional games, simply for the reason that I think that z-axis movement is immersive and interesting (Doom was what got me started in the first place). One of the main issues with attempting games like that is the issue of content creation, specifically levels, since I'm just one lone indie-dude with a single artist for support.

I've been messing around for the longest time (since 2004) with different approaches to level creation (see for example The Swörd), and these days I'm thinking that procedural content is a necessary tool to be familiar with. Here are some recent tests using Perlin noise and marching tetrahedrons to tesselate a scalar field.

2011-03-11 - UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite released on BeamDog

2011-02-09 - Tinytones - Carousel on Spotify

2011-01-13 - UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite looking for a home




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