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2011-12-30 - more Sandblox

2011-11-26 - Sandblox

2011-08-26 - 256 == 16

2011-08-25 - vidiot

So I'm getting into video editing...

In order to be able do some marketing stuff for my games I have been looking into various toolchains to get video frames out of my apps, have a pipeline to intercut these, score with music, etc.

I made the happy discovery that Ableton Live can cut most video as well as use still images as video source. This is fantastic, as in the current case I wrote a song first and am really adamant about being able to cut in musical time, i.e. not based on the frame rate of the incoming video. The only real downside to using Live for this stuff is that there is no real support for compositing, overlaying text easily, stuff like that.

I looked into Adobe After Effects CS5.5, but in my opinion the clip editing there is truly awful when compared to something like Ableton Live. Maybe I'm just spoiled, but that was s dealbreaker for me. Also there doesn't seem to be any concept of using alternate timings (like BPM based ones), so that further complicates things.

As a result of all of this stuff, I'm currently hacking my own tool (called vidiot) for the cutting and compositing in C++/DirectX9.0c. I'll post my progress here in the coming days/weeks...

2011-08-17 - UfoPilot : The Phadt Menace - Special edition released on BeamDog

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