prio v2.3


prio is an evolving tool intended to help people prioritize their lives and stay organized.

prio can help you make difficult prioritization less painful, and also make sure that you don't forget about important things that you have to do.

Currently prio is in a closed testing stage, but if you want an account to help it evolve drop me a line at:

johno (at) johno (dot) se


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prionews submitted June 16, 2013, 16:45:45

There is a new Settings tab in which you can set the public / private state of your labels (this has no effect if you are not johno) as well as the visible / hidden state of all labels. The latter is for cleaning up your gui if you, like I do, have lots of labels.

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prionews submitted June 06, 2012, 14:13:08

Hyperlinks in task names and logs are now clickable.

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prionews submitted February 16, 2012, 15:45:00

I fixed subtle bug where labels that had ONLY clocks (no tasks or logs) wouldn't show up in the label filter.

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prionews submitted July 23, 2011, 11:14:27

Reinstated the graphing of history (previously only retired tasks) on the new Statistics page. The time filter still needs some style work...

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prionews submitted July 08, 2011, 13:05:18

Added per label punch clock buttons in the label filter area for fast access. The little clock image is GREEN when you are punched out, and RED when you are punched in.

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prionews submitted June 01, 2011, 11:48:59

Updated the How to use PRIO section to reflect the gui changes in version 2.0.

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prionews submitted December 12, 2010, 17:46:36

You can now edit punch clock sessions, for example in the event you forgot to punch out.

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prionews submitted August 23, 2010, 14:48:00

You can now change the labels of retired tasks. This is important as it retains the retirement timestamp, whereas activating them (in order to change the label) would destroy this information.

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prionews submitted August 17, 2010, 13:29:39

You can now see your retired tasks in a graph representing the displayed timespan (Retired Tasks tab). I'm thinking that it might be interesting to show how rates vary here too...

- - - -

prionews submitted August 09, 2010, 07:56:14

I have implemented a new History view that aggregates retired tasks and submitted logs into a single feed. You have the standard label and time filtering options, as well as choosing ascending or descending (time) order for easier reading.

- - - -

prionews submitted August 08, 2010, 22:21:34

You now see which labels that you are currently "punched into" displayed in the Punch Clock tab.

This way it is easier to see if you are still punched into something when you log out.

- - - -

prionews submitted August 08, 2010, 21:46:10

I have removed timing functionality from Logs and instead implemented that stuff in the new Punch Clock.

The intent is to be able to log the amount of time spent on a given label; punch in when you start working and punch out again when you stop.

Every single 'work session' is logged, and I expect to generate interesting statistics from this data.

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prionews submitted July 13, 2010, 22:00:47

I have added a basic "how to" section to prio, available once you log in.

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prionews submitted July 13, 2010, 20:06:24

At Mad's suggestion I have added the projected completion date for all tasks at the top of the prio gui.

Active Tasks now also displays all tasks for all labels (alphabetically sorted by label) by default. Per-label functionality is the same as before.

- - - -

prionews submitted July 13, 2010, 18:05:24

I have added per-label display of: days / task, tasks / day, and projected completion date. This information is available when viewing Active Tasks.

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prionews submitted July 13, 2010, 16:34:46

Added "estimated task completion date" to user stats. This deserves an explanation...

I've always been bothered by the tendency of various software development methodologies to include "task estimation" as part of the process. In my experience nobody wants to estimate (it is too hard / not precise enough), and also no one cares if their estimations are off or not, due to any number of factors / excuses.

As part of my original vision for prio I am now calculating a projected / estimated completion date solely based on historical data. As long as you have retired any task, prio can calculate your completion rate and therefore also a projected completion date (based on your rate and the number of active tasks you have left). The numbers and dates in the user stats section of the login page is based on all tasks, regardless of label, for each user.

Of course, some people will argue that this is at least as imprecise as traditional task estimation, and perhaps feel that this is just another useless statistic. Personally I've always wanted to see my own "productivity" rate calculated in just this way, and the biggest bonus (for me) is that it's completely automatic, doesn't require estimation, and is based on real historical data.

Do with it what you will!

PS Similar calculations will soon be available per label. DS

- - - -

prionews submitted July 01, 2010, 16:42:33

Time-filtering (month / year) is now enabled for logs as well.

- - - -

prionews submitted June 30, 2010, 13:30:06

I have iterated on my ideas for viewing retired tasks, online now.

Basically you can filter by label as before, as well as by month / year. The month / year selection is in the same style as the label filter, i.e. a horizontal layout of hyperlinks. I find this to make better use of screen real estate, and also I personally don't like dropdown lists...

- - - -

prionews submitted June 29, 2010, 15:34:40

I'm working on splitting up the display of retired tasks (and eventually submitted logs) into month-wise chunks. Work in progress, but a first version is online now.

- - - -

prionews submitted June 29, 2010, 13:33:54

I'm experimenting with the concept of "sub-users" in prio at the moment.

The idea is basically to be able to run a team off of a single prio account, with the owner of that account acting as the project leader.

The current test involves a single sub-user that has specific tasks in a project. Those tasks are marked with a specific label, and the sub-user has rights enabled to "retire" those tasks (and nothing else).

In addition, the sub-user can view everything (unsorted, active, and retired tasks, as well as logs) related to two different labels; one is the label that he can "retire" tasks in, as well as another project related label.

Currently the configuration for this sub-user is in code, but if things work out well I will make it data driven and expose it to all prio users.

- - - -

prionews submitted June 08, 2010, 00:23:40

I have implemented label based prioritization of tasks in prio.

This basically means that everything that has to do with tasks is filtered by label; viewing as well as (most importantly) prioritization.

This feature has evolved as a direct response to certain users request for a kind of heirarchy. While my original idea was that people should simply put every single task into a single pile and prioritize them, I realize that some people need to be able to separate for example work tasks from spare-time tasks (or any other split they might require). As a result, label based operation is now a part of prio.

For myself, I will be using labels to enable something that I've been missing from prio, namely the prioritization of tasks within a single project. While earlier everything was in a big pile, now I will be able to have a label called for example 'main' which represents tasks that are themselves projects, and then have a label that corresponds to each project which I use for each task in that project.

The big win here would then be that I can sort project tasks against each other, while all projects (tasks with the label 'main') can be sorted against each other. This is simply my personal take on how I will be using prio, and replaces my need for a separate todo-list per project.

I expect other users to use the labels feature in any number of creative ways; no single way is more right than any other.

- - - -

prionews submitted April 10, 2010, 14:49:05

Changed default label to be 'unlabeled'.

- - - -

prionews submitted April 06, 2010, 21:26:52

Implemented label filtering for viewing submitted logs.

- - - -

prionews submitted April 06, 2010, 20:39:11

Fixed bug related to changing log labels... :)

- - - -

prionews submitted April 06, 2010, 19:21:13

Implemented editing of the labels of submitted logs.

- - - -

prionews submitted April 06, 2010, 13:05:56

Removed less / more images from tabs, as well as the link from the active tab.

- - - -

prionews submitted April 06, 2010, 12:54:49

Changed the label selection to a dropdown list and using javascript to set the current label value, thereby avoiding the irritation of having your log cleared out if you change the label after already typing some text.

- - - -

prionews submitted March 27, 2010, 14:08:41

Added unsorted tasks to user statistics.

- - - -

prionews submitted March 25, 2010, 01:33:39

Added a little blurb about the project as well as user stats to the login screen. it is not a competition... :)

- - - -

prionews submitted March 25, 2010, 00:59:00

Set the timezone to Europe/Stockholm. Give me a yell at johno (at) johno (dot) se if this doesn't work for you...

- - - -

prionews submitted March 25, 2010, 00:42:17

Looks like chars like ' and " and ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ { } [ ] work now...

The whole selection of label isn't the best (the use of links), it would be nice to do it with JavaScript or something so that it doesn't reload the page. Oh well, something to work on! :)

I hope you get some use out of the new log feature!

- - - -

prionews submitted March 25, 2010, 00:32:29

So, the idea for logs is a follows...

I wanted a method of being able to log stuff that I am working on, with a corresponding label for later reference and sorting. This could be anything from a development log for some code that I am working on to random diary entries. I also wanted a way to automatically time my work.

The way the system works now is to first create an empty log entry (when you press NEW LOG) and store it in the database with a BEGIN timestamp. The logic is thus to press NEW LOG when you start working on something, regardless of what it is.

Later, when you are ready to log something, you select or edit the label and write your notes (currently you have to to the label stuff first, in case you select one of the existing ones which reloads the page...). Of course, you could write your notes while you work as well, but you have to be careful to not refresh the browser as this is just a regular form.

When you want to submit, you just press submit, and the system stores your END timestamp along with your text in the pre-existing entry.

This way lots of interesting stats can be derived, like how long you have ve worked on a given label total, what your working habits are (as in when you work during the day). You can also see it as a linear log of everything you do, regardless of project. I expect to create any number of interesting views for this in the future.

Right now it seems I need to filter the entries for certain characters that mess things up...

- - - -

prionews submitted March 25, 2010, 00:22:01

I have implemented caps for creating your own custom labels.

When editing a log entry, simply select amongst your existing labels (the ones your user has used before) or edit the text in order to create a new one.

- - - -

prionews submitted March 24, 2010, 23:57:05

Added caps for selecting amongst existing labels when editing a log.

- - - -

prionews submitted March 24, 2010, 23:05:11

Today I did a huge refactoring of the giant pile of PHP that this project has grown into, chiefly in the interest of maintainability.

Also, I am working on new logging and timing functionality in the hopes that prio can completely phase out my currenty logging / timing tool. The first parts of this are already working; these news posts are actually written as logs.

The intent is for logs to act as both diary / devlog entries with the coupled feature of being timed; the time between the creation of a log and the submitting of it (with text) can be seen as the time you have spent on a certain thing (which will be a label). I will probably enable coupling between labels and prios / tasks somehow.

- - - -